Bahregansar Offshore & Onshore Production Complex Renovation

Client Name   : IOOC

Location       :

Onshore: Bahregansar Oil center, North of Persian Gulf, 30 km West of Genaveh One wellhead platforms for each phase
Offshore: Bahregansar and Hendijan Fields, about 56 km to the North west of Bahregansar Oil center

Start Date     : 21/04/2002

Project Type: EPCI

Status: Completed


  • One Production Platform (Jacket, Piles & Deck)
  • One Living Quarter Platform (Jacket, Piles & Deck)
  • Four Wellhead Platforms
  • One Multi Wellhead Platform
  • One Flare Support Platform and three Bridge Support Platforms
  • One Flare Structure with Associated Supporting Platform
  • Six Bridges
  • One Manifold Platform
  • One Production Plant (Onshore)