Jask Terminal & Marine Facilities

Client Name   : POGC

Location       : Oman Sea

Start Date     : 20/04/2020

Project Type: EPCI

Status: Current


  • The project entails systems for measuring or metering crude oil, 6 series of seabed pipelines (Each 7 Km), and three SPMs & PLEM
  • 42 km 36 inch Onshore & Offshore Pipelines
  • 3 Set Pig Launcher/ Receiver

Project Manager: Ms. M.Jahangiri


Trench operation: Special trenching vessel (Hirad)

25 January 2021 / Operation in dimensions of 2.5 km in length and 70 meters in width
25 January 2021 / C-Master vessel is laying the pipes (36″) along the way (7 km) after a successful shore pulling operation

12 February 2021 / The first SBM of Jask oil terminal was loaded

12 February 2021 / The SBM, submarine multi-lane, and accessories of the early part of Jask oil terminal project were loaded in Khorramshahr industrial yard.

The loading of SBM with its ancillary structures has been completed and after the end of the bracing operation, it will be transferred to the installation site in the waters of the Oman Sea in the coming days.

The transport capacity of crude oil, gas and condensate of this SBM is 7,000 cubic meters per hour (equivalent to one million barrels per day)

Soon, with the installation of this offshore structure at a distance of approximately 6 km from the shores of Mokran, the early part of Jask oil terminal will be put into operation and it will be possible to dock and transfer crude oil to export tankers in this terminal.