Trench I

The standard dismountable cutter dredger VOSTA CSD 500 with total installed power 1274 kW and 500 mm discharge pipe diameter is well equipped to operate in a wide range of coastal zones with several materials up to compact sand clay. It is specialized for maintenance and land reclamation work also in shallow water areas up to 14 m depth.

Dedicated functions:

  • Lowest price per cubic meter at a wide range of jobs optimization of shallow water operation
  • Minimization of vibration level
  • Maximum of allover operation efficiency due to:
  • Optimization of anchor/spud maneuver
  • Operation with high efficient cutter head with special cutter teeth of highest wear resistance
  • Operation with high-efficiency dredge pump with optimized suction performance
  • Operation with approved dredge control/monitoring system, automation of dredging process