Sea Pearl

This “standard” offshore Accommodation Work Barge joined in 2014 to IOEC; ever since is mostly presented for offshore platform maintenance, commissioning, hook-up projects. The barge is very well executed for the work area and working station, as well as the accommodation of the crew.
She offers a wide range of capabilities to service offshore fields and structures. Equipped with highly comfortable hotel-style en-suite accommodation including offices, workstations, conference, and meeting rooms. A large steel deck allows for storage, supplies, and space for fabrication and workshops.

Main Features

  • Dimension : 102m x 30m x 6 m
  • MODU compliant
  • Fully air-conditioned facilities for 349 pax
  • 822 m2 working deck space
  • 150-ton crawler crane
  • CCTV installed in all public areas including on deck and work/machinery spaces
  • A large warehouse provides ample storage for project equipment and consumables
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