With a long history of being a tanker, derrick, and pipe laying vessel, AB1200 joined IOEC in 2002 as a derrick vessel; which has been successfully proceeding a wide range of pipelaying and offshore installations projects ever since. at the present time, she still can provide accommodation services for offshore platforms even in extreme sea states.
This Self-propelled vessel with a large deck space accommodates 364 pax comfortably, provides office space and meeting rooms for company operations as well as lodging, dining, and leisure space for offshore workers.

Main Features

  • Dimension:177.8m x 39.16m x 12.3 m
  • Self-propeller
  • 8 point mooring
  • MODU compliant
  • 1500 m2 working deck space
  • Main crane
  • 250 ton Manitowoc crawler crane
  • A large warehouse provides ample storage for project equipment and consumables