Tender Announcement for the Purchase of Seamless & Welded Pipes Related to the Structural items of the Belal platform project, Tender No. 939468

Specification for line pipe




Instructions for International public tender for the Purchase of Seamless & Welded Pipes of the Belal platform project-939468

MMS BLG-2-000-ST-QR-002-ENG (BLG topside primary and secondary steel)

MMS BLG-2-000-ST-QR-003-ENG (BLG topside Tretiary Structural steel)

MMS BLG-2-000-ST-QR-010-ENG (FSP Deck & Flare Tower – Primary & Secondary Steel)

MMS BLG-2-000-ST-QR-011-ENG (FSP Deck & Flare Tower – Tertiary Steel)

MMS BLG-2-000-ST-QR-012-ENG (Bridge – Primary And Secondary Steel)

MMS BLG-2-000-ST-QR-014-ENG (Bridge – Tertiary Steel)

Stock Procedure, Rev. 0

Technical Conditions-2

Technical Conditions

Purchase tender No.939468

Purchase tender 1

Purchase tender 2

Extension of the deadline