Call for Tender 1st Announcement for the Purchase of Steel Sections Related to the Structural items of the Belal platform project, Tender No. 939088

Purchase tender No.939088

Instruction for International public tender for the Purchase of Steel Sections for the Belal Offshore project-939088

Technical Conditions

AVL_Foreign Manufacturer



MMS BLG-2-000-ST-QR-002-ENG

MMS BLG-2-000-ST-QR-003-ENG

MMS BLG-2-000-ST-QR-010-ENG

MMS BLG-2-000-ST-QR-011-ENG

MMS BLG-2-000-ST-QR-012-ENG

MMS BLG-2-000-ST-QR-014-ENG

Stock Procedure, Rev

Purchase tender 1

Purchase tender 2