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Providing the required manpower on offshore vessels

Commander (at least 12 years of experience) The first officer (at least 10 years of work experience) Second officer (at least 8 years of work experience) Deck Sailor (at least 8 years of experience) Motor house sailor (at least 8 years of experience) Chief Engineer (at least 10 years of experience) Second engineer (at least […]

Shipbuilding Engineering

General conditions : Citizenship of the Islamic Republic of Iran Having an end of service card Prerequisites: Fluency in English Work experience and related documents


With a long history of being a tanker, derrick, and pipe laying vessel, AB1200 joined IOEC in 2002 as a derrick vessel; which has been successfully proceeding a wide range of pipelaying and offshore installations projects ever since. at the present time, she still can provide accommodation services for offshore platforms even in extreme sea […]


The configuration of this accommodation work barge with her double bottom tanks makes it a unique and versatile vessel suitable for a wide variety of marine logistics and support projects in both deep water and continental shelf environments for the offshore oil and gas industry.This standard offshore barge with a robust deck plating and helideck […]


The barge has been redesigned and converted from a flat barge to an accommodation work barge in 2007; she has been mostly presented for offshore platform maintenance, commissioning, hook-up projects ever since.This non-propelled vessel with a large deck space accommodates 178 pax comfortably, provides office space and meeting rooms for company operations as well as […]

Sea Pearl

This “standard” offshore Accommodation Work Barge joined in 2014 to IOEC; ever since is mostly presented for offshore platform maintenance, commissioning, hook-up projects. The barge is very well executed for the work area and working station, as well as the accommodation of the crew.She offers a wide range of capabilities to service offshore fields and […]


This flat top launch barges with high deck strength capacities is equipped with an internal ballast system to facilitate loading and unloading. She has been fully equipped and prepared to launch various kinds of steel jacket structures up to 110 meters in length and 6,000 ton in weight. Our flat top ballastable barge with a […]


This standardized cutter dredger IHC Beaver 6525 CSD with total installed power 3565 kW and 650 mm discharge pipe diameter is well known for its robust construction, reliable operation and excellent performance, resulting in the best value for money. It is fuel efficient, has low maintenance costs and are extremely productive up to 25 m […]