Trench I

The standard dismountable cutter dredger VOSTA CSD 500 with total installed power 1274 kW and 500 mm discharge pipe diameter is well equipped to operate in a wide range of coastal zones with several materials up to compact sand clay. It is specialized for maintenance and land reclamation work also in shallow water areas up to 14 m depth.

Dedicated functions:

  • Lowest price per cubic meter at a wide range of jobs optimization of shallow water operation
  • Minimization of vibration level
  • Maximum of allover operation efficiency due to:
  • Optimization of anchor/spud maneuver
  • Operation with high efficient cutter head with special cutter teeth of highest wear resistance
  • Operation with high-efficiency dredge pump with optimized suction performance
  • Operation with approved dredge control/monitoring system, automation of dredging process

Trench II

Trench II backhoe dredger operates with extreme accuracy when trenching and working close to solid structures in sand, compact clay, and rock. She is equipped with high-end control and automation systems for dredging operations. Her two spuds stabilize and secure the pontoon. The machine excavates the soil and discharges it into a split hopper barge that is moored alongside the pontoon. The split hopper barge unloads the soil at the deposit area. She has been deployed on various projects, including the south pars trench and backfilling of pipelines such as SP 15/16.

Main Features

  • Dimension:54.87m x 14.63m x 3.35 m
  • dredging of up to 14 meters
  • excavator: Komatsu PC 1600
  • Heavy-duty
  • Accurate dredging with good control on vertical and horizontal position
  • Can easily handle clay, sand, pebbles, rocks, boulders, and a mixture of soil types
  • No need for anchors, so interference with shipping traffic is limited.


The non-propelled Torba spilit barge with 220 m3 hopper capacity can be used in a wide range of projects and provide a continued and effective service to any stationary dredger. With her small dimension size and freeboard of 34m x 7.1m x 2.75m, this unmanned barge has been optimized for shallow waters and inland work.

Hira II

Featuring highly flexible decks for heavy-duty equipment and a propulsion system designed with powerful bollard pull, this impressive AHTS vessel with good seakeeping capabilities can provide support for offshore rigs, platforms, and stand-by vessels for offshore installations.

Main Features

  • Dimension:66m x 13m x 5 m
  • main engines: 6140 BHP
  • Cruising speed: 11knot
  • Deck area : 336 m2
  • cabin / berth : 8 / 20


This standard OSV transports and stores materials, equipment, from and between offshore installations. MV Hiradaria with high storage capacity and large deck space can quickly and reliably response to any logistic operation even in extreme sea states.

Main Features

  • Dimension:54m x 12.2m x 4.5 m
  • main engines : 4600 BHP
  • Cruising speed: 9 knot
  • Deck area : 309 m2
  • cabin / berth : 8 / 24