The barge has been redesigned and converted from a flat barge to an accommodation work barge in 2007; she has been mostly presented for offshore platform maintenance, commissioning, hook-up projects ever since.
This non-propelled vessel with a large deck space accommodates 178 pax comfortably, provides office space and meeting rooms for company operations as well as lodging, dining, and leisure space for offshore workers.
Due to her size and robust hull structure, this vessel is suitable for a wide variety of marine logistics and support projects even in extreme sea states.

Main Features

  • Dimension : 114.35m x 29.4m x 6.6 m
  • 8 point mooring
  • 2100 m2 working deck space
  • 250 ton Manitowoc crawler crane

Sea Pearl

This “standard” offshore Accommodation Work Barge joined in 2014 to IOEC; ever since is mostly presented for offshore platform maintenance, commissioning, hook-up projects. The barge is very well executed for the work area and working station, as well as the accommodation of the crew.
She offers a wide range of capabilities to service offshore fields and structures. Equipped with highly comfortable hotel-style en-suite accommodation including offices, workstations, conference, and meeting rooms. A large steel deck allows for storage, supplies, and space for fabrication and workshops.

Main Features

  • Dimension : 102m x 30m x 6 m
  • MODU compliant
  • Fully air-conditioned facilities for 349 pax
  • 822 m2 working deck space
  • 150-ton crawler crane
  • CCTV installed in all public areas including on deck and work/machinery spaces
  • A large warehouse provides ample storage for project equipment and consumables


This flat top launch barges with high deck strength capacities is equipped with an internal ballast system to facilitate loading and unloading. She has been fully equipped and prepared to launch various kinds of steel jacket structures up to 110 meters in length and 6,000 ton in weight. Our flat top ballastable barge with a deck area of 2,800 m2 & cargo capacity of almost 15,000 mt, can handle the largest platforms and structures.

Main Features

  • Dimension:110m x 29.4m x 7.5 m
  • deck strength :12 mt/m2
  • Ballast system : 6 nos portable pumps, 3 nos fixed ballast pumps


This standardized cutter dredger IHC Beaver 6525 CSD with total installed power 3565 kW and 650 mm discharge pipe diameter is well known for its robust construction, reliable operation and excellent performance, resulting in the best value for money. It is fuel efficient, has low maintenance costs and are extremely productive up to 25 m dredging depths.

Dedicated functions:

  • dismountable and transportable overland
  • allows for single-handed operations
  • low emissions and environmentally-friendly operation

Trench I

The standard dismountable cutter dredger VOSTA CSD 500 with total installed power 1274 kW and 500 mm discharge pipe diameter is well equipped to operate in a wide range of coastal zones with several materials up to compact sand clay. It is specialized for maintenance and land reclamation work also in shallow water areas up to 14 m depth.

Dedicated functions:

  • Lowest price per cubic meter at a wide range of jobs optimization of shallow water operation
  • Minimization of vibration level
  • Maximum of allover operation efficiency due to:
  • Optimization of anchor/spud maneuver
  • Operation with high efficient cutter head with special cutter teeth of highest wear resistance
  • Operation with high-efficiency dredge pump with optimized suction performance
  • Operation with approved dredge control/monitoring system, automation of dredging process

Trench II

Trench II backhoe dredger operates with extreme accuracy when trenching and working close to solid structures in sand, compact clay, and rock. She is equipped with high-end control and automation systems for dredging operations. Her two spuds stabilize and secure the pontoon. The machine excavates the soil and discharges it into a split hopper barge that is moored alongside the pontoon. The split hopper barge unloads the soil at the deposit area. She has been deployed on various projects, including the south pars trench and backfilling of pipelines such as SP 15/16.

Main Features

  • Dimension:54.87m x 14.63m x 3.35 m
  • dredging of up to 14 meters
  • excavator: Komatsu PC 1600
  • Heavy-duty
  • Accurate dredging with good control on vertical and horizontal position
  • Can easily handle clay, sand, pebbles, rocks, boulders, and a mixture of soil types
  • No need for anchors, so interference with shipping traffic is limited.