The non-propelled Torba spilit barge with 220 m3 hopper capacity can be used in a wide range of projects and provide a continued and effective service to any stationary dredger. With her small dimension size and freeboard of 34m x 7.1m x 2.75m, this unmanned barge has been optimized for shallow waters and inland work.

Hira II

Featuring highly flexible decks for heavy-duty equipment and a propulsion system designed with powerful bollard pull, this impressive AHTS vessel with good seakeeping capabilities can provide support for offshore rigs, platforms, and stand-by vessels for offshore installations.

Main Features

  • Dimension:66m x 13m x 5 m
  • main engines: 6140 BHP
  • Cruising speed: 11knot
  • Deck area : 336 m2
  • cabin / berth : 8 / 20


This standard OSV transports and stores materials, equipment, from and between offshore installations. MV Hiradaria with high storage capacity and large deck space can quickly and reliably response to any logistic operation even in extreme sea states.

Main Features

  • Dimension:54m x 12.2m x 4.5 m
  • main engines : 4600 BHP
  • Cruising speed: 9 knot
  • Deck area : 309 m2
  • cabin / berth : 8 / 24

Mothers Day

On the special occasion of Mothers Day, we express our love and gratitude to all the mothers in the world for their endless contribution to our society.

At IOEC, we emphasize the key role that women play in supporting our operations and we have created a supportive environment that enables her to balance between work and personal responsibilities.

The photos are related to the Mother’s Day ceremony, which was held in the presence of the CEO of the company.