We hire people, not résumés.

IOEC recognizes its people as a key factor for achieving organizational goals. The proficiency and experience of the personnel afford the company great flexibility, potential, and competitive advantage in management, technology, engineering, and operation.

At IOEC, we believe that the requirements of the business are only fulfilled when the right measures and processes are in place for recruiting, developing, and retaining the staff.
Selection based on competency and diversity is the main tenet in employing and promoting personnel. When recruiting new employees, in addition to technical competencies, the assessment center of IOEC takes careful measures to assess behavioral qualities.
Talent recruitment has seen the principle of human capital sustainability. Consequently, since its foundation, IOEC has recruited some of the most talented graduates from high-ranking Iranian and international universities in line with its requirements.

The company considers human resource development as a framework to enhance employees’ knowledge and skills. We understand that career path development is one of the most important criteria when choosing a workplace, and we provide abundant means of such advancement to our personnel through training, coaching, mentoring, succession planning, and individual performance-based development programs; a trait that makes IOEC an impressive employer brand for any specialist seeking a successful career.

Training at IOEC is designed with respect to strategic, vocational, and functional requirements, and takes on many forms in practice, such as on-the-job training, theory curricula, and workshops.

The stability and accomplishment of our employees are the testaments to the mutual commitment and loyalty between us.