Among the strong capabilities of IOEC is project management for commissioning; provision of various multidisciplinary pre-commissioning and commissioning services in fabrication yards and offshore sites; operation and maintenance of oil and gas plants; and running hookup, construction, and related offshore and onshore operations with collaboration from suppliers and representatives.
We understand the importance of the project timeline for the client and on-time commissioning of projects. Working with the best available experts in the field and with our administrative and operational experience, IOEC has a 70-day record for a hookup, pre-commissioning, commissioning, and startup in the various phases of the South Pars projects.
Operation and Maintenance services include numerous types of planned and unplanned maintenance with regard to the requirements of the project: Breakdown [BM], Corrective [CM], Preventive [PM], Total Productive [TPM], Predictive [PDM], Reliability-Centered [RCM], Condition Based Monitoring [CBM] and Risk-Based Inspection [RBI].

Furthermore, IOEC provides Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) services; construction, reconstruction, and repair of oil product tanks; industrial sandblasting, painting, and overhaul.
Our O&M service department supports the entire asset life cycle, ensuring availability and reliability for Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical facilities In addition to platform commissioning and start-up, IOEC is involved in the operation and maintenance of various platforms in the South Pars gas field and is prepared to take on work for other platforms as needed. With no compromise in quality, we actively work to reduce costs and execution time as a part of our services.