Examples of the equipment in use at IOEC while conducting various offshore operations safely and efficiently are:
Jacket Leveling tools (JLT):
JLTs are used to level templates, manifolds, and jackets. The leveling system consists of a tubular frame with an external diameter of 960 mm providing the possibility to stab piles of a minimum of 42”. It is equipped with conical bottom ends. Depending on project requirements, each leveling system can be adapted to a range of internal diameters of up to 72” by means of welded-on spacer brackets.
Internal Lifting Tools (ILT):
The ILT is designed for lifting the piles in jacket installation. On the outside, it has an annular body with a lower cone at its end facilitating the entry to the pile, where a set of centering guides is aimed at protecting the gripping segments. The ILT is internally made up of a tapered mandrel, equipped with a hoisting eyebolt at its upper end.
Menck and IHC Hydro-hammers: IOEC Hydro-hammers are universal, electronically controlled, hydraulic impact hammers, suitable for steel piles and underwater operations. They comply with stringent international pile-driving standards. The operation control systems of the Hydro-hammers are equipped with computers enabling operators to control and register performance parameters.
Linear Winch: IOEC’s hydraulic wire-rope pulling winch is designed for pipe laying in shore-pull operations. It has a pulling capacity of 250 Mt.
Heavy Lifting Slings and Shackles: IOEC uses slings with a size range of 96 mm up to 360 mm and shackles with a capacity of 110 Mt to 1250 Mt.
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