The IOEC Procurement Department manages functions associated with acquiring requisite goods and services for projects. Its objective is to acquire high-quality material and equipment from competent suppliers and support projects through on-time delivery within schedule and budgetary limits.

To provide the best possible services, the department is reliant on the technical knowledge and commercial skills of its experienced experts, while supporting activities are carried out through an inclusive system of sourcing and expediting, planning and monitoring activities, utilizing a developed procurement information system.
The department consists of specialized sections for the procurement of mechanical and process equipment; electrical, instrumentation, control, and telecom systems; structural, architectural, and bulk materials, piping items, and drilling equipment. It is responsible for other supporting and logistic activities that are necessary for correct procurement, such as sourcing, planning, inspection, shipment, and delivery.
By searching for qualified manufacturers, inviting them to tenders, and placing orders with approved sources, we aim to make use of the potentials of local manufacturers as well as reputable international companies.
The procurement department adheres to professional technical and commercial principles in supplying and providing essential materials and equipment to IOEC projects.