Quality Assurance Framework

We promote the culture of quality through the supervision of proper implementing Quality Assurance procedures in the IOEC Projects and departments. Quality is a fundamental aspect in our decisions and actions.
Risk based thinking is highly considered to achieve our Quality objectives and to promote all processes performance.
Our Integrated management system has been developed in such a way to meet the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and HSE-MS standards and guidelines.

Quality assurance main activities and responsibilities

  • Establish, Implement, maintain and promote continual improvement of the Integrated Management system throughout the organization
  • Develop the procedures and documents required by the Integrated Management System(IMS)
  • Determine the Processes required for the IMS and the application throughout the organization.
  • Develop project quality plans based on organizational, contractual, regular and other requirements.
  • Develop the Processes and information necessary to review the Integrated Management System to ensure its adequacy, suitably, effectiveness and alignment with the strategic directions of the organization.
  • Plan and execute internal and external QHSE audits to ensure compliance with the organizational requirements.
  • Participating in the evaluation of external Providers with which determine their competence and capability.
  • Define the QHSE requirements for the organization/projects Sub-contractors.