Quality Control

Quality control is a comprehensive process, which involves multiple disciplines with the continual examination, control, and monitoring of activities in comparison with regulations, contracts, project specifications, codes, and standards.

The objectives of Quality Control Department:

  • Providing evidence that all activities performed by the Contractor which affect quality, are verifiable.
  • Ensuring that responsibilities for activities affecting quality are documented and clearly identified and traceable.
  • Ensuring that all activities performed by the Contractor are planned and performed in a safe, cost-effective manner.

Some of the QC tasks are listed in below:

  • Inspection of raw material such as Pipe, Fitting, Plate, Welding Consumable, Paint, etc. entire the project (procurement, transportation, storage and handling, loadout, etc.)
  • Fabrication Inspection in structural works (Jackets, Decks), Pipeline, Piping, SPM, etc.
  • Inspection and quality activities during repair and reconstruction activities.
  • Coating Inspection: 5LPP,3LPE,3LPP, CWC, FBE, Rubber, Enamel, PTFE, etc.
  • Quality and inspection procedure preparation.
  • Welding Procedure Specification preparation, DT & NDT Qualification tests, and Issuance of welding book.
  • Personnel Performance Qualification. (NDT, Welding, Paint, etc.)
  • Attendance of the job during installation and commissioning.
  • Pipelaying Inspection in Pipelayer Vessel.
  • Advance and conventional NDT
  • Calibration control of measuring and inspection tools and devices.
  • Documentation, Data analyze and Management
  • Auditing of vendors under the supervision of the QA department.
  • Data Analyze and advice to other disciplines on any need for project-specific deviations from procedures.
  • Lead on all incidents, investigations, non-conformity which related to the quality subject.
  • Managing and coordinating of third-party inspection in different stages of the job according to approved ITP.
  • Cooperation with all parties during all steps of the projects such as client, project team, engineering, TPA, vendors, suppliers, etc. on QC subject.
  • Training, certification, and recertification of QC personnel and inspectors.