Fabrication and Construction

The Office for Consultant and Contractor Affairs of the National Management and Planning Organization recognizes IOEC as a grade-one EPC contractor in petroleum, gas, and petrochemical industries for Onshore and Offshore oil and gas plants and facilities.

Fabrication, modification, pre-commissioning, and load-out activities are carried out in IOEC yards, which are equipped with the necessary infrastructure and systems including information and communications network, fabrication engineering, mobile/fixed machinery and equipment, workshop tools, expert engineering technical support, HSE and quality control services.

Fabrication Yards

IOEC fabrication yards are located in Khorramshahr and Assalouyeh. The yards are strategically located to facilitate providing services to the Middle East and Indian Ocean Markets while offering easy access to major urban areas and the local labor force as well as roads, railroads, seaports, and airports.

The load-out of the heavy modules with a maximum skid-way and quay-wall capacity of up to 12000 Mt are carried out in Khorramshahr. In the event of power cuts, and in order to ensure work continuity, a proprietary 5.2 MW emergency electrical station continues to power the yards. Equipped with modern machinery and facilities, IOEC yards allow for the simultaneous work on 14 individual modules, with a production weight capacity of up to 60000 Mt per year.

Since 2001, more than 130000 Mt of offshore facilities including 21 topsides, 25 jackets, 20 tripods, 1 SPM and 57 other ancillaries have been fabricated in Khorramshahr Yards.

Yard Specifications, workshops and equipment

The Fabrication facilities at IOEC have the following capabilities:

  • Skid way capacity of 6000 to 12000 Mt
  • Jacket Construction of up to 8000 Mt
  • Deck Construction of up to 12000 Mt
  • Load-out equipment such as push-pull system, skid shoes system and self-propelled bogie system
  • Availability of a weighing system for the jackets and topsides
  • Camp complex for accommodating managers and workers with the capacity of 400 persons.
  • Covered warehouses with Cold-room’s facilities
  • Welding school with welders training and testing capabilities
  • Muller cutting machines

Total Yard Area in Khorramshahr


Yard 1 Yard 2Yard 3
Yards total area (Hectares)150.648
Yards fabrication area (Hectares)14040

Fabrication Capacity                              Yard 1            Yard 3

Annual Tonnage capacity:                26,000 Mt     24,000 Mt           

Max jacket construction capacity   8,000 Mt    8,000 Mt                                         

Max deck construction capacity    12,000 Mt   8,000 Mt                                         

Facilities in yard 3 are capable of manufacturing various types of high pressure and clad vessels, towers and refinery reactors, heat exchangers, chemical injection packages, storage tanks and SPMs in addition to other onshore and offshore modules.

Pipe Coating Factory

Anti-corrosion and concrete weight coating of offshore oil and gas pipelines is one of the company’s areas of expertise. The plant occupies an area of 24 hectares of covered and open storage areas for bare pipes, coated pipes and coating material.

Enamel anti-corrosion coating plant processes pipes with outer diameters ranging from 4” to 48”; this involves shot-blasting pipes externally, spraying the pipes with primer, and applying standard coating materials. The plant has a production rate of 150 such pipes per day.

In concrete weight coating plants, negative buoyancy is achieved with the high-density concrete coating with iron content. The anode installation plant uses bracelet anodes to provide cathodic pipe protection.

The automatic cage welding and wire-mesh machines are capable of producing cage or wire-mesh for concrete-coated pipes. The capacity of the impingement system is 100-120 Mt per hour. After passing the required quality tests, the coated pipes are dispatched as final stock and prepared for load-out.

IOEC Fixed Equipment and SPM Fabrication Workshop

In 2009, IOEC established a well-equipped workshop in the 3rd Khorramshahr Yard for fabricating fixed equipment that is required for its offshore oil and gas projects. Taking advantage of remarkable production equipment, fully trained staff, and adherence to stringent international standards, we have manufactured various complicated fixed equipment in this workshop, particularly, heavy wall thickness cladded pressure vessels up to 200 bar, chemical injection packages, shell and tube heat exchangers, heavy wall thickness towers, and storage tanks.

A brief summary of the workshop’s facilities is provided below.

  • Workshop Area :87,000 m2
  • Roofed Production Area: 8,000 m2
  • Open Space Production Area: 30,000 m2
  • Outdoor Warehouse: 5,000 m2
  • Indoor Warehouse: 1,500 m2
  • Blasting and Painting Roofed Area: 120 m2